Unique recipes for Alaskan Halibut

Orange Halibut

So far the recipes have been grilled and more for a leisurely weekend meal, so I wanted to try a recipe that was an option for during the week and easy to prepare after a busy day of work/school.  I’ve had success with lemon so I decided to try a simple orange and butter sauce over sautéed halibut fillets.

I put the frozen halibut package in the refrigerator in the morning and it needed only a 10 minute cold water soak in the evening to thaw.  It was a fairly simple way to prepare the fish: sauté the fish and then add fresh orange juice and zest to the pan, swirl in butter to thicken the sauce and serve over orzo and with sautéed swiss chard.  Only I slightly overcooked the fish and it was my first disappointment.  The sauce was bright and tasty, but it couldn’t moisten up the dry fish.  I cooked the fish slightly less than was recommended so I was surprised at the results.

I fell back on my scientific background and did some research.  Actually I went to the bookstore and bought Rick Moonen’s cookbook, Fish Without A Doubt and read about cooking halibut.  According to Chef Moonen, frozen halibut loses moisture and cooks about 30 percent more quickly than fresh halibut.  So if a 1 inch piece of halibut would cook in 7 minutes- my flash frozen halibut would cook in about 5 minutes total (I am married to an engineer so yes, I had to calculate it out).  Makes sense and I also liked learning that sautéing is more of an advanced technique and requires practice to master; I just need a little more practice to perfect my skill.

I will have to make this again because it was a light and flavorful sauce and was a good option for a busy weekday night.

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