Unique recipes for Alaskan Halibut

proscuitto wrapped halibut

While I haven’t posted in awhile, I have not stopped cooking and eating halibut at home and in my travels.  I’m down to less than 10 packs of halibut in my freezer and I’m having to prioritize my ideas and postpone some dishes until after my next Alaska fishing trip.  I will say that some of the best halibut dishes were in the last few weeks, so I will catch you up on the latest dishes as I head toward the end of my halibut cache.

This dish was the result of a rainy day here in Denver, when we originally were thinking of grilling outside but the weather did not cooperate.  I had grilled halibut last year in Alaska with a slice of lightly grilled prosciutto placed on top; it was a simple preparation with a clean straightforward flavor- fish and slightly salty prosciutto.  To translate this to an indoor preparation, I decided to wrap the fillets with the prosciutto and cook them in a very hot oven.  I had some garlic and chili oil that I planned to drizzle on top for some added flavor and moisture.

This was a light summer meal and easy to prepare, but I was wishing for more of a sauce to accompany the fish- a lemon and white wine or even hollandaise sauce would have been welcome to tie the dish together.  I served it with sautéed peas and radishes, and an arugula and parmesan salad.  Dessert was mixed berries macerated with homemade limoncello.  Perhaps because the halibut was cooked in an oven and was missing the smoky flavor from grilling over wood, it was a good dish but not a great one. I would definitely add a sauce to elevate it to the next flavor level.

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