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New Orleans Inspired Halibut Stew

New Orleans Inspired Halibut Stew

3 servings

  • 1 pound halibut- cut into 5-6 oz servings
  • Creole seasoning
  • 3 T olive oil
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 small onion- thinly sliced
  • 1 red pepper- thinly sliced
  • 1 celery stalk- sliced thinly on bias
  • 4 cloves garlic- finely chopped
  • 1 14.5 oz can tomatoes- chopped or whole and peeled
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 sprigs oregano
  • 1 cup wine
  • Salt and pepper (I prefer white pepper)
  • Parsley for garnish

Salt and pepper the fish and then liberally sprinkle the creole seasoning over the fish fillets. Then cut all the vegetables and garlic.  Have everything ready before starting to cook.

Heat 3 T of olive oil in large pot with a lid over medium heat, and add the smoked paprika.  Stir to blend and then add the onions.  Cook for 3-4 minutes until softened and then add the celery, pepper and garlic to the pot. Add bay leaves and oregano springs.  Cook for 3-4 minutes and then add the can of tomatoes and cook for 3-4 minutes more.  Increase the heat to high and add the white wine.  Reduce for about 5 minutes or until the wine taste is not so sharp.  Taste for salt and pepper and adjust if needed.  Lower the heat to a simmer and nestle the halibut fillets in the vegetables and sauce and cover the pot.  Watch closely but after 5 minutes check the fish for doneness.  If the outside is white and opaque but the very middle still looks underdone or almost even raw, then turn the burner off and let sit covered for 5-10 minutes until the residual heat finishes cooking the fish. Ladle the broth and stew into a warmed bowl and put the fish in the middle- garnish with parsley.

Served with crusty bread but rice would also be good. Served with Louisiana hot sauce but we never needed as the spice and heat level was good.

Wine was a Spanish white- a 2012 Verdejo recommended by the local wine shop.  Could also try a vinho verde from Portugal or any light white wine.  Soups and stews can be hard to pair with wine but this was a great recommendation; was light, mildly fruity and only mild acidity so let the spice and halibut shine.  The best part- was only $11/bottle.



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