Unique recipes for Alaskan Halibut

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As I struggled to push and shove 90 pounds of frozen Alaskan halibut from the front porch into my garage and then noticed that there might not be enough room to store the fish, I realized my husband and I were going to have to eat 90 pounds of halibut in the next 6-12 months.  Maybe I didn’t think this through totally……

We took a family fishing vacation to Alaska and landed three king salmon( then released them!) and went on a family run halibut fishing charter boat out of Ninilchik, Alaska.  We had a great haul, and my sister-in-law landed a 131 pound halibut; it was as tall as she is.

As our guide, Clem, was filleting the fish as skillfully as any fishmonger I’ve ever seen, he was telling us one way he likes halibut is boiled in the lobster style and served with butter…..halibut that tastes like lobster????

I started to think of all the different ways to prepare halibut and realized I did not want to eat 90 similar grilled halibut fillets and so decided to challenge myself to be creative and think of new ways to prepare the halibut with no repeats.  I thought paella, tamales, Thai curries, raviolis, etc. and I definitely have to try the boiled lobster style!   It sounded like a great idea…. until I saw the 90 pounds of halibut and was trying to find room in my small extra freezer.

So here’s the challenge- I will try different creative ways to prepare this bounty of halibut in the next few months with no repeats. I’m a pretty serious home cook, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try different cooking methods and flavors. I’m sure there will be some successes and some “its good for a change but don’t make it again” meals.   I’ll keep you updated on the process and welcome feedback always. Because I like to pair wine with food, I’ll share my pairing tips also.  So for all you fisherman and halibut lovers, let’s get started—we’re cooking 4 the halibut!


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